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My tweeting is, and has to be, quick, dirty and real. …Twitter gives you an amplifier for your voice (albeit not necessarily an audience if you are tedious, and let’s face it: lots of people are). It cuts out the middleman (I don’t need you to interpret and translate my life and my work for other people – sorry journalists but I’m a shepherd not an idiot). It lets you find your niche (and that niche can be massive). It lets you sell things (we sell sheep, wool and visits to our farm on Twitter).
Great storytelling on Twitter from an unlikely source: a shepherd. via The Atlantic
Lincoln’s [Gettysburg] address that afternoon, which came after a two-hour speech from famous-at-the-time orator Edward Everett, contained just 272 words, a shockingly short length that allowed it to be transmitted rapidly and become, arguably, one of the first messages from a U.S. president to go viral.
Nobody likes the person at a party who only talks about himself and brags about how great he is. And yet this is exactly how many brands approach their content marketing. You would much rather talk to the person who says interesting things about culture and ideas, who has a unique point of view, and tells a good story.
I like this @jonsteinberg post a lot. Some great points about how brands can use content to convey their unique voice.

Attributes and Aspirations in Branded Content | LinkedIn

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